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The Averted Disaster Award has set out from the beginning to Celebrate the Unsung Hero’s and promote their work in as many ways as possible. For the 2022 edition we created ‘Rivers of hope’ documentary on the winning entry and a photo exhibition for the runner up. 

The 2023 Averted Disaster Award Winner!

The 2023 Averted Disaster Award winners were announced at the 11th Global Dialogue Platform on Anticipatory Humanitarian Action in Berlin, Germany on October 12, 2023.  Please read the Press release on Winning Entries here.

We are proud to present the documentary “Living Without Fear”, a short film about the 2023 Averted Disaster Award winner, Amrita Center for Wireless Networks & Applications for their efforts in landslide monitoring and early warning in Munnar, Western Ghats and Sikkim Himalayas.

Rivers of Hope

Produced in Collaboration with the Waterbear Network and Resilient Foundation. 

A short film about the 2022 Averted Disaster Award winner, the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, and their efforts in Forecast-based Financing.

Photographic Documentary/Exhibition

The Averted Disaster Award (ADA) teamed up with Nikon and the WaterBear Network to develop a photo exhibition reflecting the work of the 2022 ADA runner-up submission. Nikon Ambassador, Hermeilio Miguel Aquino (Kino), a London based photographer, director, and multidisciplinary artist is shooting the project. The exhibition will debut at the Understanding Risk 22 global conference in Florianópolis, Brazil in November. The 2022 ADA winning and runner-up submissions will be officially announced at that time.


Artist Statement

“I’m deeply honoured to have had the opportunity to photograph Joshaphina, Rosalinda, Maria, and their families and see the life-changing work Build Change does for several communities across the Philippines. I want the viewer to feel they are with the families and can step into their world with each image. Each image has been photographed with wide-angle lenses and a narrow aperture to capture every detail in the location.The experience of spending time with each family has touched me profoundly, and I hope the viewing experience of these images makes you feel you would like to know them. 

About the Artist.

Hermeilio Miguel Aquino (Kino) is a photographer, director and cinematographer. He is proud to be a Nikon European Ambassador. Previous clients have been The Tony Blair Foundation, Saatchi & Saatchi World services, BBC, Jaguar, Range Rover, Fender, Lenovo, and many more. His work has been published in Vogue Italia, British Vogue, Contributor Magazine, Haper Baazar, and several international magazines. As a director, his first short film, “Wearing Thin”, has been nominated for several awards and won the best drama at the London independent film festival. 

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