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What counts as an intervention for disaster mitigation?

Interventions take many forms. The most obvious interventions are structural in nature, such as sea-walls or reinforced bridges. Certain activities, such as controlled forest burns, count as interventions too, since they reduce future wildfire risk. Financial products that manage disaster risk, such as flood insurance schemes, count as interventions as well. Interventions can also occur at the individual or community scale, where, for example, placing sandbags to protect critical locations such as grocery stores or hospitals can ensure that the community as a whole can recover more quickly from flash floods. It is important to keep in mind that interventions are proactive and not reactive: interventions are generally pre-meditated and implemented before the disaster actually occurs.

Who can submit to the Averted Disaster Award?

Any individual, project team, or organization interested in recognizing a successful disaster mitigation intervention can submit a nomination for a particular intervention, irrespective of whether they have a personal connection to the intervention.

  1. What exactly should I write in the case summary?

We expect a maximum 5-page summary, single-spaced, 12-size font, that makes the case for why and how a particular intervention was successful at mitigating a potential disaster. While we do not impose a structure on the case summary, we provide the following suggestions for making such a case:

  • Consider counterfactual scenarios where there is no intervention, and imagine the impacts of potential hazards in such counterfactual scenarios.
  • If possible, point to evidence, in the form of previous hazard records, datasets, or newspaper articles, that support the above counterfactual analysis.
  • Lay out potential future benefits of the intervention, where climate change may intensify certain hazards.
  • Highlight the key lessons learned that should be shared.

How will the Averted Disaster Award winner be selected?

The Averted Disaster Award will be decided by a panel of judges selected by leaders of the Understanding Risk community. The panel will consist of thought leaders and practitioners in disaster risk management from a broad range of backgrounds. The panel will consider all case summaries submitted by the deadline, and choose the one that makes the best case for an effective disaster mitigation intervention.

What will the winning submission receive?

The individual, team or organization that submitted the winning case summary will receive up to three stipends of $3,000 and complimentary tickets for up to three people to attend the Understanding Risk 2022.

What will UR do with the winning submission(s)?

UR will develop a documentary to showcase the intervention from the winning submission. The documentary will highlight the impact of the intervention and best practices for implementing such interventions in other regions. The goal of the documentary is to reward and publicize good intervention practices.

The winning nomination will also be featured during a session at the Understanding Risk forum,  spotlighted in the Understanding Risk community newsletter that reaches 13,000 members and included on the Averted Disaster Award website.

All shortlisted nominations will be highlighted.

Can I become a sponsor for the Averted Disaster Award?

Certainly! If you or your organization is interested in supporting the Averted Disaster Award, please contact Alan D’Inca at info@averteddisasteraward.org.