Submissions have now been closed, we want to thank all who have submitted. 

The awards ceremony will be held at the Understanding Risk 2022.


Applicants must fill in the submission form and accompanying material by the application deadline (April 15, 2022).

The main narrative of the submission should make a case for the disaster mitigation intervention you wish to highlight. This is your opportunity to tell us about the impact of the disaster intervention nominated and why it deserves to win.  The submission can be in any structure or format (narrative text, video, slides, etc), but the written portion is limited to a maximum of 5 pages. While we do not require a specific format for your application, some important information may include:

  • Details of the disaster mitigation and its purpose (who/what/when/where/why)
  • Details of the hazard event (within the past 5 years) or potential hazard event
  • To what degree has the intervention reduced the risks related to particular hazards?
  • What could have occurred (or may still occur) without the intervention? Help us imagine the counterfactual narrative without the successful disaster risk mitigation intervention.
  • What are some of the best practices learned/future steps that should be more widely shared?

Please read the FAQs for additional details.


Any individual, project team, or organization interested in recognizing a successful disaster mitigation intervention can submit a nomination for a particular intervention. The nominator does not need to have been directly involved in the mitigation intervention.