ADA Partners with WaterBear Network on Film

The Averted Disaster Award (ADA) announced a partnership with WaterBear, a free streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet, to produce a documentary film short about the 2022 ADA award winner. The film will be funded in part by pioneering storytelling Resilient Foundation, which gives local filmmakers, storytellers and communities around the world the opportunity to tell important stories. It will premiere later this year at UR22 in Florianópolis, Brazil, where the ADA competition’s inaugural winner is to be officially announced.

Michael Cain, Executive Director of Resilient Foundation said, “We are pleased to join the Averted Disaster Award to help make the invisible, visible by highlighting successful Disaster Risk Management interventions. This work, which typically goes unnoticed by the public and policy makers precisely because of its success, is critical to building a sustainable world in this era of extreme climatic events.”

Directed by award winning filmmaker Doel Trivedy, the ADA documentary will be distributed on WaterBear’s free streaming platform. Founded by Ellen Windemuth, executive producer of BAFTA and Oscar winning documentary My Octopus Teacher, WaterBear is available across 194 countries and features award-winning documentaries as well as original content – spanning biodiversity, community, and climate action.